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Help Kimberly

Win the Special Election

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We have a tremendous opportunity to elect Kimberly Sheets to the Auditor's office in Warren County. From now until the special election on Tuesday, August 29, 2023, there will be plenty of work to do, but we know that we will accomplish it with your help. Here are four ways to take action: 

  • One key way to make an impact is to invest in our campaign. Our team will be using donations to fuel a powerful outreach program to inspire people to the polls. Click here to make a contribution. 

  • We are also looking for community members and elected officials to voice their support of Kimberly. Please share your story of support and we will add your voice to her Everyday Iowans Endorser page!

  • Our volunteer program will be one of the most important parts of this campaign, and we encourage you to sign up to participate in outreach efforts such as door knocking, calling voters, and hosting events. Head to our volunteer page to sign up. 

  • Finally, the easiest way to help our efforts is to tell your friends about this critical election! Send this website to 5-10 friends via email, call your friends and tell them about Kimberly, and keep this special election in mind when you're having conversations with fellow Warren County Democrats.Thank you!

Volunteers are the heart of Kimberly's campaign. We have two months to champion her to victory! With incredible supporters like you taking action in every corner of Warren County, we know that we are going to inspire our neighbors to vote for Kimberly during this August's special election. Sign up below to become part of our volunteer community. We will send out volunteer opportunities to you via email. There will be roles for everyone, from knocking doors and calling voters to delivering yard signs and helping us host events. Even Postcards to friends and hosting coffees where people can meet Kimberly. Thank you for being here!


Tell us how you’d like to get involved and a member of our team will get in touch soon

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Please don't forget that a contribution to this campaign of any amount is also very appreciated.

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